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The Long & the Short of It:  Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery

A surgical neck lift is often accompanied with a surgical facelift to help achieve a wholly, cohesive lifted look.  This cosmetic combination is a strategic way to achieve a youthful-looking appearance from the neck up.  However, neck lifts can also be performed as a standalone procedure for those who are seeking to solely revitalize the

Facelift & Cheek Filler

There’s something to be said of youthful, plump, “chubby cheeks!”  Saggy-looking cheeks in need of a lift?  See if instant “plumpification” with dermal fillers or if opting for a more invasive approach is your best bet.



Can a stomach be beautiful? Can the curve of a woman’s torso be so seductive that it begs to be cupped by the hand of a sophisticated gentleman?


The Market for the Man

The health and beauty department at your local shopping center is no longer a haven for women who want to ponder what palette best…