Food as Fuel to Power Beauty

  • Intermittent Fasting: - Dr. Jalalabadi. will advise you first, if this is a safe route for you if you have other indications, and second what method is best to get you into your healthiest body.
  • Keto: - The myths and misunderstandings of this method are prolific. Dr. Jalalabadi can help you understand if this is the safest and best method for you based on other indications you may have.
  • Vegan: - A "clean living" diet, or is it? Dr. Jalalabadi can help evaluate what you are eating on your vegan diet and help you find the protein power vital to muscle strength and good health.
  • Other diet plans and weight loss pills: - You've seen the ads everywhere about the gummies and the pills that shrink problem areas. The big question is, are they safe? And do they really do what is promised? Ask Dr. Jalalabadi at your consultation.
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