It is perfectly acceptable to know you want a procedure but need to figure out what would be best. Dr. Jalalabadi will invite you in for a consultation during which you can share your desired results with the doctor and you can discuss the procedure that would best provide those results.

Any invasive procedure carries the possibility of pain and tenderness and general discomfort. However, Dr. Jalalabadi and his staff are experts at aftercare and treating you during your healing process as well as before, during, and after your procedure. Rest assured, the doctor and his staff will do everything possible to help you heal quickly and with minimal pain.

Most elective procedures are not covered by insurance. However, there are instances when what is typically considered an elective procedure is deemed medically necessary. For example, most insurance companies will cover blepharoplasty if the hooded eyes obstruct the patient’s vision or if large breasts cause severe back pain. Dr. Jalalabadi and his practice managers will check every available avenue regarding insurance possibilities.

Most of the time, the fees are discussed during the consultation. Dr. Jalalabadi's Patient Care Coordinator will make certain you understand the financial scope of your procedure before anything is scheduled.

Dr. Jalalabadi believes that a life in balance is a life that can best deal with change. A balanced diet, no smoking, limited alcohol intake, and a strong heart and mind make for the ideal candidate. It is best to start balancing your life and prioritizing your health before you schedule the consultation.

There is no “right” age for plastic surgery - every age is potentially the perfect age. What is most important is your expectations and self-actualization before the procedure. People as young as their late ’20s are having “prejuvenation” non-invasive procedures to prevent and slow down the signs of aging. Age is a state of mind and beauty is ageless!

You can apply the "you get what you pay for" idiom as an answer, so find out how much it will cost by calling and schedule a consultation!